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What People are Saying

"You Like Me, You Really, Really, Like Me"

This New York startup created the Rotten Tomatoes rival that movie studios have been asking for."

This Revolutionary App Recommends Movies To Your Friend Group Based On What You All Like."

Will MovieGrade, An Independently-Owned App, Dethrone Universal's Rotten Tomatoes?"

Movies at Your Fingertips

We serve up personalized movie recommendations for in theater and streaming.

People have very different movie tastes and yet, everyone sees the same average ratings or scores... That didn’t make sense to us, so we solved it! MovieGrade algorithmically recommends movies to watch based on your personal taste & friends recommendations.


Users can grade movies, share with friends and get predictions based on your taste! 

No Paper. No pencil. No Hassel 

We have reinvented the word of mouth screening process to better set up studios for box office success! 

MovieGrade provides data-driven movie recommendations that offer a targeted opportunity for studios to reach moviegoers who are most likely to engage with their film positively.​​

Screenings Made Easy


"Help Me, Help You."

Understanding who you are as a moviegoer is our goal.

​Movie nights are tricky... and sometime even end without agreeing on a movie to watch. That is why we take our personalized recommendations one step further and help eliminate arguments over what movie you and your friend should watch.


Introducing BLEND, a fun way to combine your taste with your friends for the perfect group recommendations. 

Can't Decide What to Watch?

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